$55 Raspberry Pi 4 runs Windows 11 just fine

Raspberry Pi 4

One thing lost in the barrage of Windows 11 news is the fact that new operating system works rather nicely on the Raspberry Pi 4, a whole lot of computer that can be yours for as low as $55.

Of course, you may be aware that Raspberry Pi is generally associated with the Linux OS as it tends to have trouble keeping up with the graphical intensity of the flashier operating systems.

So much so that officially Windows users that wanted to run the OS on their Pi were confined to a version called Windows 10 IoT Core. This is a cut down variant of the operating system that lacks a number of features, only really meant for less intensive applications.

Now, though, it has been discovered that it is possible to successfully install the Insider preview version of Windows 11 on a Raspberry Pi 4.

There is even a video showing it in action:


You should be, as the Raspberry Pi 4 comes with a 64-bit Broadcom BCM2711B0 A72 processor that is a 4-core, 4-thread affair that maxes out at 1.5GHz. It is not even officially listed in the Windows 11 compatibility cookbook that demands a modern chip with TPM 2.0 as a necessity.

Don’t bet the farm house on this possibility in the final release, though, as a lot could change between now and launch.

But seeing Windows 11 running on a 4GB underpowered processor means that the OS could very well support older AMD Zen and Intel Core CPUs.

The whole deal is not without its limits, though. For one thing, YouTube videos only work at 480p for some reason. Still, the new operating system works better than any previous attempts at running the full fat Windows 10 on these tiny budget computers.

Shows just how significantly Microsoft has optimized the upcoming operating system.

Now, if only, the final version of Windows 11 is as accommodating to the Pi or other such older computers that are not stacked in terms of the latest tech thingamajigs.