Acrobat Reader DC drops onto the Microsoft Store

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Just saying hello! Another classic Win32 application has made an appearance on the Microsoft Store after Redmond relaxed its policies inviting everyone to book their tickets.

The app in question is Acrobat Reader DC.

And it has become the first Win32 based program from Adobe to appear in the new Microsoft Store.

It has been just a few days since the new Microsoft Store went live in the first Insider preview build for Windows 11, and several classic applications have already made their appearances — including OBS Studio, Zoom, and Canva.

This could well be a sign of things to come. Developers, it seems, are getting on board with the company’s vision for its store.

Getting back to the application, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is a program that is the industry standard for reliably viewing, printing, commenting, and sharing PDF documents. It is free, fully featured, and lets you annotate on PDFs with a pen or using your finger.

You can also fill e-sign and lock forms, as well as collaborate on PDF documents.

While Adobe has other apps on modern Microsoft platforms, like Adobe Reader Touch for Windows 10, most of them are more basic, and go way back to the days of Windows 8 back in 2012 as a reason for their limited capabilities.

Interestingly, this app weighs in at 183.2 MB, which is a tad smaller than the 203.9 MB download that is available on Adobe’s website.

Even more interesting is the fact that it only runs in 32-bit, which is surprising when you consider the fact that Windows 11 only supports 64-bit processors. Perhaps the other version would have been better here.

In any case, more Adobe apps are sure to arrive on the Microsoft Store soon, as this is just the start. We already have confirmation that Adobe Creative Cloud itself would be coming to Windows 11.

Should not be long now.