Edge 93 lands in beta with Tab Groups option

New week, new version of Edge making some hot moves. Edge 93 has landed in the Beta Channel today, bringing with it’s a range of new features for Insiders to test out.

Among these features is the anticipated Tab Groups option that the community has been looking forward to for quite some time. This basically allows users better management of their tabs by organizing them into groups — it’s says right there in the name!

Welcome addition for those of you who like to keep a ton of different tabs open during the day.

Another big feature in this version is the new Video Picture-in-Picture button in the toolbar that will appear when hovering on supported videos. This feature will become available on macOS first, for some reason, before it rolls out for Insiders on Windows.

We also have the ability to hide the title bar when using Vertical Tabs.

And there is also easier configuration of the browser for enterprise users via Initial Preferences.

Rounding up the new additions is the fact that IE mode on Microsoft Edge will now support the nomerge behavior, similar to how it was in Internet Explorer 11. Now, when a new browser window is launched from an IE mode application, it will be in its own separate session.

Oh, and Microsoft has also removed support for the TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA cipher suite in Edge version 93. This change is based on the Chromium project, upon which Edge is based.

This new version of the web browser should reach the Stable Channel next month, now that it is in beta.

Microsoft, of course, plans to shift to a four weeks release cycle for Edge, starting with Edge 94. This major update is set to be released alongside a new Extended Stable Channel for enterprise users of the web browser that will only receive new major updates every eight weeks.

Good stuff, all around.