Enterprise users get an 8-week release cycle option for Edge

Edge Extensions

It was not too long ago that Microsoft made a decision to follow Google towards a faster release cycle for Chrome that brought about a new version of the web browser every four weeks.

You know, fast pace of today’s technology, and all that.

That happened back in March, with Redmond billing it as a change for Microsoft Edge that would deliver more innovation to users and organizations faster. Obviously, not every company wants or even needs these browser innovations on a more frequent basis.

There is the small matter of complexities arising during testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Aware that this faster release cycle may not be ideal for enterprise user, Microsoft has unveiled a welcome new Extended Stable release cycle for organizations that want to receive Edge updates every eight weeks.

Edge Release Cycle Options

This new cycle will be available with Microsoft Edge 94, which is expected to see daylight in late September. The Extended Stable option will stay on even-numbered versions, and will be updated every 8 weeks, with a biweekly security update just to keep things nice and tight.

Organizations that opt into it will therefore receive Edge 96, Edge 98, and so on in the future.

IT admins will be able to opt into this new release cycle option by using the “TargetChannel” Group Policy and selecting the Extended Stable option. Opting in using Microsoft Endpoint Manager by selecting the Extended Stable release option via Intune will also be possible.

While the move to a 4-week cycle was welcome for most Edge users, this switch to an 8-week option should also be equally welcome for enterprise users.

Good to see Microsoft taking into account their specific needs.