Windows now comes with its own app store called the Microsoft Store. Formerly known as the Windows Store, this is the repository that is used to distribute all manner of software for the operating system.

Microsoft Store houses a large library of apps, games, and entertainment media, and you can download different kinds of applications, games, music, films, TV shows, themes, even browser addons right from the app.

The Windows 11 version of the Microsoft Store app is newly redesigned, and also supports Android apps that you can download and run on your PC.

We’ll find out how you can open the Microsoft Store in Windows 11 now.

Microsoft Store

Open Microsoft Store in Windows 11

The Microsoft Store is hard to miss on Windows 11. Icons are scattered throughout the operating system, and you can also search for it in the OS and launch it that way. Unfortunately, it is not possible to drag the icons and place them on the desktop.

But other than that, here are 4 ways you can open the Microsoft Store:

Launch Microsoft Store from the Taskbar

The quickest and easiest way to open the Microsoft Store is by using the icon that is prominently placed right in the middle of your Taskbar. Simply click on it, and the Microsoft Store app will launch, providing you access to all its goodies.

Open Microsoft Store Tutorial

If you can’t find the Microsoft Store icon, then you can search for it and then right-click and select the Pin to taskbar option to add it to the Taskbar.

Open Microsoft Store from the Start Menu

An icon for the Microsoft Store also resides in the Start Menu. Clicking on the Start button will show it in the pinned apps area, and you can click or tap to launch the app store. In the rare case the icon is buried deep, click on the All apps button and then locate Microsoft Store in the full list.

Open Microsoft Store Tutorial

Open Microsoft Store with Search

You can also search for the Microsoft Store in Windows 11, and open the app this way. Press Winkey or click on the Search icon in the Taskbar, then type Microsoft Store, and click the big icon to launch the Microsoft Store on your device.

Open Microsoft Store Tutorial

Launch Microsoft Store via Run

The Run dialog is another method you can open the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. Press Winkey + R to open the dialog box, and then type ms-windows-store: then hit the Enter key. The Microsoft Store app will launch.

Open Microsoft Store Tutorial

Launch Microsoft Store from the Command Prompt

It is also possible to launch the Microsoft Store from the good old Command Prompt. Press Winkey + R to open the Run dialog, then type cmd and hit Enter to open the Command Prompt terminal window. Type the command start ms-windows-store: to launch the app.

Open Microsoft Store Tutorial


The Microsoft Store is an essential component of the Windows 11 platform, and its importance is only going to increase as it starts housing more content. And although there are fewer ways to open it in the new OS, compared to previous versions, it is easy enough to launch it from wherever you are.