Intel launching its 12th gen Alder Lake lineup in November

Alder Lake Processor

The big day approaches! Alleged launch dates for when Intel is gearing up to make available its 12th generation Alder Lake lineup of processors and the accompanying Z690 motherboard platform have been revealed.

These anticipated new products should be here on November 19.

Alder Lake-S processors signal a new direction not just for the chip giant but also Microsoft. The Redmond based company has built its upcoming operating system, Windows 11, with these new CPUs in mind in order to offer optimal performance.

Alder Lake Architecture

The 12th generation Core series of desktop processors is diverging from its usual philosophy by moving towards a hybrid design called Big-Bigger, which the chipmaker is calling Performance Hybrid architecture.

It basically marries its high performant big cores (P-cores) with its smaller, more efficient cores (E-cores).

Alder Lake Architecture

Of course, Intel introduced this approach with Lakefield CPUs, which though did not win any plaudits for performance or even sales success, but did signal the dawn of a new era for hardware giant. It now plans to continue on this road for the foreseeable future.

We will likely know more about these new processors leading up to launch. Or, if we are lucky, earlier, at an upcoming event that Intel has dubbed Innovation, set to be held on the dates of October 27 and 28.

The future isn’t far!