macOS Ventura dynamic wallpapers come to Windows

Make mine dark. Apple is busy readying macOS Ventura for launch, and like pretty much all versions of its operating system, this nineteenth one comes packing a bunch of new wallpapers.

Dynamic ones, at that.

Dynamic wallpapers are one of those personalization features that macOS has and Windows users lack. The Apple desktop operating system neatly cycles through different wallpapers that adapt to the current system time, thereby creating an immersive and beautiful desktop background experience.

And while there were rumors that Microsoft was thinking about implementing a similar functionality in Windows, nothing of substance came of them.

That said, dynamic wallpapers are a possibility on Windows, thanks to a third-party app that goes by the convenient name of WinDynamicDesktop.


The app has received an update to version 5.10 today, and this latest release arrives with new wallpapers and other improvements to the program itself related to the user interface and application of themes.

You can check out the changelog for the full details.

Worth a mention that version 5.1 ditched the Sync Virtual Desktop script that was responsible for changing wallpapers on all your virtual desktops. According to the developer, the script used an experimental API that was too unstable to support.

Still, it is possible to restore this deleted feature by installing the script.

As for the app, WinDynamicDesktop is a free application that contains many free dynamic wallpapers, mostly the ones included with macOS. It is also possible to buy additional packs from the app’s repository here.

You can download the program from the Microsoft Store or directly via GitHub.