Microsoft brags how Windows 11 ups the performance game


The need for speed! With Windows 11 right around the corner, Microsoft has mounted the marketing offensive for the new operating system to let everyone know just what the OS brings.

We got a blockbuster of an ad yesterday.

And a day before, actually, the software titan also rolled out a video to discuss the substantial performance improvements that are part of Windows 11 versus its predecessor — the current standard known as Windows 10.

Steve Dispensa, VP of Enterprise Management at Microsoft is doing the talking in this video posted on the Microsoft Mechanics channel, and he lists the reasons why Windows 11 is much faster than Windows 10, even on the same hardware.


He explains that it all comes down to a series of changes under the hood that combine prioritizing apps and processes, reducing disk footprint, and also various app optimizations that are supposed to make the new operating system feel faster overall.

Additionally, foreground windows are always prioritized, so the app in focus always run smoother, no matter what.

And finally, Redmond has also made Windows Update substantially faster, as this module now only downloads the necessary files. Meaning, update packages that end up on your computer can even be around 40% smaller than before.

Optimization is an art, they say.

And it sure looks like Windows 11 is something of an artist.