Microsoft endorses the TPM bypass for Windows 11

Windows 11 Computer

Hell has frozen over? Windows 11 is flying off servers as the rollout of the new OS picks up pace. As usual, there are several ways, both official and unofficial, to deploy the latest version of Windows.

And while Microsoft still does not recommend installing the operating system on PCs with unsupported hardware, it has had a timely little change of heart.

One where it provides a method for users on these unsupported machines to go ahead with the upgrade. In other words, the company has given the green signal to the TPM bypass — though not without a lot of warning.

Those of you who are unaware, the workaround essentially bypasses the TPM check for CPUs by tweaking the registry.

In fact, this method is behind a custom tool created to do exactly that.

So, as things stand, Microsoft suggests this as a viable option to deploy the new operating system in official documentation. The software titan reiterates its warning that unsupported computers could miss out on security updates and all that jazz.

But this support page has all that you need to know to tweak the registry and go ahead with the installation of Windows 11 on your PC that misses out on the system requirements that Redmond has in place.

Windows 11 TPM Bypass

The company clearly says that this is not a recommended way of deployment, unless instructed by support. That is simply to say that these methods are slightly more advanced, next steps if you will, for the absolute novices.

Proceed only if this is not your first rodeo!

Speaking of rodeos, it was just a day or so back did a Microsoft executive explain why these newer technologies like VBS and TPM 2.0 are key to the security in the OS. And why these are the first steps towards securing the operating platform for the future.

Well, at least, Redmond is a bit accommodating this time around with this hack.

And in the nick of time, too!