Microsoft issuing DMCA notices to take down Windows 11 ISO


You suck the joy out of everything! The recent leak of what turned out to be the first Windows 11 build has created quite a stir in the tech community. A refreshing kind of a stir.

But as you would expect, Microsoft is none too pleased with this development.

The company definitely would have preferred if it was the one doing the talking, and showing off what it has been cooking with this new operating system. It has a special event all lined up for this very purpose later this month.

And plus, a leaked build does not paint the complete picture of the new OS. Not only is this a prerelease version that has not even been released to Insiders, it also lacks a range of improvements that the software titan has lined up for its new platform.

No surprises then, that the company wants to restrict users from downloading this early leaked build. It has been seen issuing DMCA complaints to Google in some regions asking the search engine giant to take down results containing links to the ISO files.

Below is one such complaint from Microsoft Japan:

Windows 11 DMCA Notice

Nothing says its real than issuing a DMCA strike to take down content. Not that there was any doubt that the leaked build was not the real deal. But this latest development is simply another confirmation that sets it in stone.

Interestingly, the firm does confirm the Windows 11 name, as it is requesting the removal of these ISOs, claiming that these are leaked copies of the unreleased operating system.

So, at least, we got this sorted out.

The next version of Windows will go by as Windows 11.

And it looks set to be glorious!