Microsoft posts $46.2 billion in Q4 earnings

Microsoft Campus

The numbers just keep ballooning! Microsoft has announced its quarterly earnings for the fourth and final quarter of fiscal year 2021. And the company made a staggering $46.2 billion in revenue.

This was enough to beat analyst expectations, and was enough to register a growth of 21% over the same quarter last year. Operating income for the quarter came in at $19.1 billion, itself was an increase of 42%, while net income stood at $16.5 billion with an even more impressive 47% uptick.

Diluted earnings per share was up 49% at $2.17.

As is the norm, the software titan segregated these earnings into three main business categories, namely Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing. And it is here were the picture gets interesting.

The first bracket holds commercial and consumer productivity offerings like Office, LinkedIn, and Dynamics. Office commercial products and cloud services registered a 20% increase in revenue, thanks in part to a 35% increase in Office 365 commercial revenue.

In fact, Microsoft 365 consumer seats itself increased to 51.9 million.

Over at the Intelligent Cloud division, we have Azure and other server product offerings. And revenue of the cloud platform grew 51%, while server products and cloud services revenue enlarged by 34%.

The More Personal Computing unit is the most fascinating of the bunch. This is the section that houses the likes of Windows, Surface, Xbox, and more. Windows Commercial products saw an uptick of 20%, while Windows OEM and non-Pro revenues dipped 2% and 4% respectively.

This was due to supply chain constraints, which also caused a decline of 20% in Surface revenue.

Luckily, gaming revenue grew by 11%, with hardware revenue increasing by 172% YoY. Xbox content and services saw a dip of 4%. But on the flipside, search advertising grew by a healthy 53%.

Since these were Q4 earnings, Microsoft also provided the earnings report for the fiscal year. Overall revenue for FY21 stood at $168.1 billion, growing 18% over the last year. Net income came in at $61.3, up by 38%.

Not a bad way to the end the year.