Microsoft teases more Windows 11 big news

But Wait There’s More

But wait, there’s more! If you thought we learned all there is to about Windows 11, the next version of the operating system that Microsoft is working on, then think again.

Apparently, some big Windows 11 news is still in the pipeline.

At least, if we go by what the official Window Dev account has tweeted recently.

Redmond showed off its new OS at a special event last month, and since then we have had a few builds, both leaked and official, that have painted a picture of all the new stuff that we can expect — features like the new UI, a revamped Start Menu, widgets and more.

There is more to come, as well, including Microsoft Teams integration right in the Taskbar, and support for Android apps.

However, if we go by what Microsoft is saying, there is much more to come:

No hints yet at what this big news might be, or if Redmond actually has a surprise in store for us. But we should find out soon now that the cat is out of the bag. Has to be something substantial if Microsoft is teasing it this way.

You don’t say there’s much more to come without knowing something.

And since this is Windows Dev that is making the promise, chances are that this secret new feature may have something to do with either developers or how Windows 11 actually works with apps and software.

Fingers crossed for a blockbuster feature or two to seal the deal.