More Windows 11 apps refreshes coming, Microsoft assures

Apps On Windows 11

Music to my ears! Microsoft has been busy lately when it comes to software. The company is on a quest to revamp the default applications built into Windows 11 ahead of the launch of the OS.

To that end, we got our first ever refresh of these inbox apps last week.

And now, the company has confirmed that more is in store, and it is working on rolling out updates like these for many more such apps. As in, these applications will soon adopt the new design, UI, and other improvements that define the new operating system.

Kevin Gallo, Head of Developer Platform at Microsoft notes:

“We’re coordinating across the company as we introduced a new Windows 11 Fluent look and feel. We want each app to kind of adopt it but they’re going to do that on their own schedule and their own cadence.”

Microsoft officials took the moment to clarify that they cannot, for obvious reasons, make everything available on day one. That’s because, these apps are being developed by different teams who have their own goals and work on their own schedules.

Makes sense.

That said, Fluent Design inspired user interface elements including Mica materials are ready for all apps, from applications as simple as Calculator to program as advanced as Office.

“We design fluent really in a way that works for many types of UIs including specifically dense UI. For example, Office has a fairly complex UI and it is embracing Fluent so it works for all kinds of interactions – touch, keyboard, mouse and pen.”

Keeping the good news train chugging along, Microsoft also suggested that Teams will be getting a Windows 11 inspired look soon, though obviously no indication right now when that is set to roll out.

So far, we have had basic, but highly used, applications like Settings, Calculator, Mail & Calendar, as well as the Snipping Tool get these new design elements. Similar design changes are also expected for apps like Paint, Photos, Clock, and Groove Music, among others.

Way to go!