New Surface Duo 2 drivers improve Windows 11 support

Using Surface Duo

If you like to live dangerously, then have I got news for you! Fresh new drivers for Surface Duo 2 are now available for download that open up the possibility of running Window 11 on the handset.

Yes, Windows 11 proper.

This has been a thing for a while now, with a developer by the name of Gustave Monce in on it. The creator of the LumiaWOA and DuoWOA projects has been hard at work ensuring that the desktop OS works on the second-generation Surface Duo.

Windows 11 on Surface Duo

This was more of a proof of concept rather than a compelling and viable software upgrade for your Surface Duo 2. Not only due to numerous limitations, but also a steep learning curve. But that first release laid the foundation for future improvements.

And now, these improvements are here, available for testing.

Daredevils that are willing to experiment with the Surface Duo 2 can now download the latest set of drivers for the purpose that bring better Windows 11 support to the Android powered dual-screen smartphone.

Unfortunately, even with the newest set of drivers, Surface Duo 2 with Windows 11 remains a critically limited device. That’s because, only the following parts of the smartphone actually work:

  • UFS
  • Left Display
  • Side Buttons
  • Lid Hall and Thermal Sensors
  • Both batteries
  • Modern Standby
  • USB-C
  • Charging
  • One processor core

Well, what more can you expect from a community project at this very early a stage.

Nevertheless, if you are ready to risk it, you can get the latest UEFI and drivers from GitHub and deploy them to see how Windows 11 works on your Surface Duo 2.

Just bear in mind that installing the desktop operating system on your phone will not only void the warranty but also break NFC payments due to an unlocked bootloader. Oh, and it will also make your device virtually unusable thanks to no touch, cellular, right display, and more.