PowerToys also getting a Windows 11 inspired look


No one gets left behind! With the new OS out in the open, and well under testing, Microsoft has shifted focus towards apps. Apps like PowerToys, which is one of the many programs that are being refreshed.

The software titan has been busy bringing the native Windows 11 look to its software.

This primarily involves UI elements like rounded corners and support for the Mica theme, among other things. Basically, following the enhanced Fluent Design philosophy. Apps like the new Snipping Tool, Calculator, and Mail & Calendar already match this design language.

And more are due soon.

One of which is PowerToys, a collection of system utilities created and maintained by Microsoft, whereby the company collaborates with the community to add in new features, improvements, and options to the tool.

Some even say that few of features in Windows 11 are, in fact, inspired by PowerToys.

The most recent version has brought in features like a global mute button, Image Resizer, FancyZones, Shortcut Guide, File Explorer enhancements, and more. And the latest update is set to introduce rounded corners, new icons, WinUI 2.6 controls, Fluent Design improvements, and all that jazz.

There is also improved support for dark mode.

Worth noting that the PowerToys redesign will not support certain UI elements straight away. It will not support title bar Acrylic or Mica title bar customizations, and the developers say that this will only be resolved when the utility moves to WinUI 3 entirely.

But for all intents and purposes, PowerToys is getting a wholesome design refresh that will make this program feel right at home in Windows 11 once it arrives for everyone later this year.