PowerToys listed on the Microsoft Store

PowerToys Wall

Love PowerToys? Good news then that the powerful little suite of system utilities for Windows is now listed in the Microsoft Store, making it easier to find.

Makes one wonder why this took so long, though.

GitHub is fine and all, and so was its availability via a package manager like winget, but a simultaneous release on the Microsoft Store would have been even better. Nothing to it, though, because this has now been taken care of.

This new iteration of the app started life in Windows 10 days, though Microsoft is in the process of refreshing its visual interface for the upcoming Windows 11.

For those not in the know, PowerToys is a collection of tools aimed at power users of Windows. The suite includes nine utilities at the moment, including an image resizer called PowerRename, and a quick launcher called PowerToys Run.

Version 0.46.0 brough an experimental video conference mute feature, which is by far one of the most requested of features.

In fact, some of the features in PowerToys actually inspired functionality in Windows 11. The FancyZones feature for windows management and snapping is now a native option in the upcoming operating system.

Despite being in the Microsoft Store on Windows 11, PowerToys uses its own installer, due to the apps repository now allowing developers to submit unpackaged Win32 applications. Worth a mention that the app will not automatically install through the Store, and will require some additional permissions.

To download the app directly from the Microsoft Store, simply fire up the Microsoft Store app on Windows 11.