Start11 lets you customize the Windows 11 Start Menu


They are coming! Stardock has released a new version of it Start Menu customization application, this time with features specifically aimed at the latest OS. Start11 is here in beta, for Windows 11.

As you already know, the upcoming operating system draws inspiration from Windows 10X for its Start Menu design. And this means changes like the demise of Live Tiles as well as a whole new centered position on the screen.

Changes, that Microsoft says are meant to be more productive, but for users might be a bit too much.

Enter Start11.

One of the first customization apps for Windows 11, this program lets you choose from several Start Menu layouts to land on the one you need. Complete with options to change the look and feel, with support for both light and dark modes.


As Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO puts it:

“The new UI has been designed to support future Start menu designs. Start8 and Start10 focused on restoring previous versions of the Start menu. Start11 will be extending this to support a host of new Start menu ideas such as the concept of pages, tabs, minimalism, and features for our enterprise customers.”

The first beta of Start11 is compatible with both Windows 11 and Windows 10, and comes with features like moving the Start Menu to the middle or the left, a new configuration UI to enable customizations, as well as the ability to make visible many a subtle Windows option.

Just like previous versions, the program is not available free of charge.

But a trial version is offered for you to try before you buy. There is also an upgrade option in place for users of Start8 and Start10, while Start11 itself costs $4.99.

Give it a look here.