Surface Duo 2 makes an appearance on Geekbench

Surface Duo

Launch nearing? Perhaps the most anticipated hardware release from Microsoft this year, the Surface Duo 2 continues to heat up. The phone has leaked out in pictures and renders and specifications.

And now, the handset has shown up on Geekbench.

The first report highlights the listing, which has provided fans who are anticipating this device with some concrete spec information regarding the follow-up smartphone Microsoft has prepared in the form of the Duo 2.

And the numbers show that the Duo 2 performs just about as you would expect a device sporting the powerful Snapdragon 888 chip. Based on the results, there are no additional accelerants built into the software just yet.

Duo 2 put up a 1071 single-core score, and followed it up with 3166 in multi-core testing.

Surface Duo 2 Geekbench

A subsequent report from folks over at Windows Central corroborate these benchmarks with their own sources familiar with the product. And the big news is that there are a lot of undecided variables when it come to this one.

First up, the Surface Duo 2 will come with Android 11 on board, and Android 12 is not exactly in discussion behind Redmond walls right now.

The camera on the handset is a 12MP affair, with a standard lens, and options for telephoto and ultrawide sensors. And this should definitely help address one of the biggest disappointments with the original device

Then there are plans to increase the screen sizes, likely by reducing bezels, including support for NFC, baking in a lift to wake gesture, throwing in larger batteries, higher refresh rates, and take care of the now infamous camera bump.

In other words, nothing is set in stone just yet.

Microsoft is exploring what to do, and how to do it, when it comes to the Duo 2.

That said, the way the slow leak cycle for the smartphone has been underway this past month or so, the launch of the Surface Duo 2 this fall is getting all the more concrete. An official tease from Microsoft would be great.

But in the meantime, we’ll take these leaks as they come.