Surface Duo 2 render shows off the triple camera bump

Surface Duo 2 Render

Recent leaks of the Surface Duo 2 have provided us with a blurry look at the upcoming handsets. And they also seem to have turned on the rendering machines of concept designers.

The sequel to Microsoft’s foldable mobile device puts its triple camera housing front and center of the design, which itself is identical to the original. The only noted differences are the camera bump and the matter black secondary color option.

And designer Jonas Deahnert has taken these leaked images and produced a more polished representation of what the upcoming device looks like.

The render more accurately displays what the owners of the next generation Surface Duo can expect when they handle their device — open, closed, or flipped. And, well, the camera gap certainly takes away the flushed closed handheld experience on this new machine.

Interestingly, the renders do omit some of the more subtle changes already seen in the leaked images, including things like the chamfered edges, rounded corners, and reduced top and bottom screen bezels, all of which do not appear prominent in these 3D renders.

Still, they do provide us with another look at the potential phone.

And although Microsoft has been hinting at this eventuality since the summer of 2020, the company is yet to officially announce the Surface Duo 2.

That, likely, is coming next.