Surface Neo shows up in new Ryan Reynolds movie

Red Notice

Red Notice! Bet you did not saw this coming! The mythic Surface Neo has made a surprise appearance in the newest Ryan Reynolds, in what is clearly a product placement deal Microsoft secured with Netflix.

That is, before the device was unceremoniously killed off.

Surface Neo, of course, was unveiled with much fanfare by the Redmond based technology company during an October 2019 hardware event. It was poised to play a key role in the new dual-screen device strategy that the firm was pursuing.

And despite running a different operating system, the Surface Neo was considered by the big brother of the Surface Duo. While the smaller machine is powered by the Android mobile OS, and is in its second generation now, the bigger brother was supposed to run Windows 10X.

Only that it is nowhere to be seen.

Other than this film, obviously.

Microsoft completely ditched the Neo, though the official stance from the company is that the device has just been delayed. But all signs indicate to the device getting the axe, and no longer being in the works.

The Windows 10X operating system that was supposed to power the dual-screen experience was shelved as well, with a selection of its features integrated into Windows 11.

This brings us to Red Notice, a new movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson, and Gal Gadot that is now streaming over at Netflix. And given that the film was shot a long time ago, back when Surface Neo was still on the table, it made its way to the movie.

It is the most expensive movie Netflix has ever produced, and the appearance just makes sense.

As mentioned above, this is likely just a product placement deal that Microsoft had with Netflix. And while the Neo may have been shelved, for the foreseeable future if nothing else, the mythic machine can be seen in one of the biggest films of the year.

If you want to catch a glimpse of it, you can give Red Notice a watch here.