TikTok app appears on the Microsoft Store

The gates have open! After developers like Zoom, Canva, and WinZip marked their arrival on the Microsoft Store, TikTok, the popular video sharing social service has also launched its app.

The official client is now available for both Windows 11 and Windows 10, as a Progressive Web App, or PWA, as they are more commonly known.

These types of applications are gaining traction, which should come as no surprise considering forces like Microsoft and Google are putting their weight behind them. Twitter and Facebook have also opted to go this route, with their official clients on Windows leveraging the power of Microsoft Edge.

With the new look and direction of the Microsoft Store, it appears that developers have now started to pay it due attention.

Of course, this new TikTok app is not a native application built for Microsoft’s operating system, but it delivers pretty much the full functionality of the mobile apps that the social service has made available on other platforms like Android and iOS.

And speaking of Android, later this year, Windows 11 users will also be able to install the Android version of TikTok if they so prefer.

This will be made possible via the integration of the Amazon App Store in the operating system that will let users download and install a wide range of Android applications and run them natively. This is a functionality that Microsoft has officially confirmed, though the first Insider preview build lacked it.

In the meantime, Progressive Web Apps have become increasingly important to fill in the app gap on Windows — particularly mobile apps.

Since these are web-based applications, developers can make on the fly adjustments to these types of apps without users needing to update them through the Store. Expect something similar for TikTok, now that it is finally in the house.

Maybe something like a dark theme?

The app is quite feature packed, and not only allows you to log into your account, but you can even upload videos and send direct messages to others. Usual functions like For You, Following, LIVE, and suggested accounts are also available ensuring you waste away hours in the best possible fashion.

Download: TikTok for Windows