Video shows how Windows 11 is being designed

Video Windows 11 Design

Windows 11 is now a thing. And one of the most notable — and noticeable — elements of the new operating system is its user interface. It is what the users spend almost all of their time in.

Happy to report that Microsoft is finally paying due attention to this side of the OS.

And not just the OS, this design philosophy also extends to other apps and platforms that the Redmond based technology giant is known for. As we just discovered, the Office suite of productivity applications are also in on this new design drive.

Getting back to the operating system, though, Windows 11 has a lot going to for it in terms of newness.

We have rounded corners, centered taskbar icons, Fluent Design flourishes, and a bunch of other UI enhancements scattered across the platform. With designers at Redmond now taking center stage, it only makes sense that the company highlights their work with the world.

And it has done just that, via this new video that was added, rather surprisingly, to the YouTube channel of the Windows Insider Program.

Give it a watch below:

Coming in at just a tad over 4 minutes in length, the clip does a great job providing insights into how Windows 11 is designed.

We get tours of the how the rounded corners are shaping up, the refreshed Segoe font, the collection of wallpapers that will beautify the new OS, as well as the inspiration for the materials and other UI elements that the designers absorbed from their real-world surroundings.

There’s even a helpful splattering of sentimentalism that usually goes with designers are talking about their creations, which you will enjoy if you are into these sorts of things.

Art and design, I mean.

Give the video a watch to see just how serious Microsoft has finally become as far as the design, navigation, and the overall user interface of its flagship operating platform.