We so need a Verified badge on the Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store Verified

Redmond always had an uphill journey with the Microsoft Store, from the very first day. Billions of Windows users were used to the open app distribution model, and old habits change hard.

Compounding matter was the overall quality on display — of both the apps and the store itself.

Poor search function, glitchy content delivery, slow downloads, and the flood of useless applications and games on the Microsoft Store meant that the platform never quite gained momentum. Microsoft aims to change that with the long overdue overhaul of the app repository in Windows 11.

And while we are getting a completely new UI, and updates to the backend systems, the software titan is also courting app developers on the PC by offering them 100% of the revenue for the first time.

However, as impressive as this move is, it does nothing to alleviate the shovelware problem plaguing the Microsoft Store, with fake and questionable quality apps.

Redmond is inviting anyone and everyone to bring their apps and games to the new Microsoft Store, and many developers have made the move, with more set to arrive. This makes it the perfect time to implementing some key features that help distinguish these publishers.

Microsoft Store Verified Concet

As outlined, verified badges for these developers will help set these companies apart.

These badges have now become a recognized symbol of authenticity thanks to their implementation on social sites, and Microsoft ought to seriously consider it on its store.

Not only would these better highlight the quality apps that exist on the new Microsoft Store, they will also steer the users towards the authentic software that they know and seek. At the same time, these badges would help repair the image of the app repository.

Microsoft already tried a first with allowing publishers to keep the full revenue for themselves, it is about time the company tried this too.

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