Windows 11 Android benchmarks hint at solid performance

Start your week with a leak! Alleged Geekbench 5 scores for the Windows Subsystem for Android have made their way online, hinting at what kind of performance we can expect from the feature.

The feature that Microsoft has delayed as it works to refine and further optimize it.

It is probably during this testing over at Redmond that someone has caught wind of.

And as the benchmarks show, a wide range of configurations are testing out this feature. The Geekbench listings revel some setups with Qualcomm ARMv8 processors, while others are listed with placeholders. Core counts of the tested systems also widely varies, ranging from 8 to 20.

As you can glean from the scores below, the numbers are good, and most Windows 11 PCs should not have any trouble running Android apps well.

One result has the Windows Subsystem for Android netting a single-core score of 827, with multicore numbers coming in at 3070. Tests were done in Android 11, with a Qualcomm ARMv8 processor with 8 cores and close to 6GB of RAM.

Surface Duo, which has an actual Qualcomm 855 chip got around to a 760 single-core score and a 2847 multicore one, and this shows how powerful this feature can potentially be.

For comparison, the Galaxy S21 got a single-core score of 1048 and a multicore score of 3302 in testing. And so, while the Windows scores range drastically, any decent modern computer should be at ease running Android applications without too much trouble.

That is, if these benchmarks are indeed accurate or even genuine, which we have no guarantee of knowing or confirming at this stage.

But considering the fact that these were spotted shortly after a listing in the Microsoft Store for the Windows Subsystem for Android showed up, there is a good chance they are. Plus, as we recently learned, the feature is not coming to Xbox consoles.

At least, not yet.