Windows 11 concept gives the Task Manager a dark look

Task Manager Dark Mode Concept

Windows 11 is pretty much out in the open, with the underlying technology of the OS very near complete. Microsoft is currently busy at work redefining the look of the upcoming operating system.

Redefining here means optimizing the two distinct modes, the light and the dark.

One of the key highlights of the new platform is its user interface, comprised of a with a new rounded UI that is both functional and pleasing to the eyes. Along with this style change, Redmond has also embraced the dark side with an improved systemwide dark mode.

Unfortunately, perhaps expectedly, Microsoft has skipped certain elements when it comes to this dark theme. One such app that still lacks support for the dark mode is the Task Manager.

Luckily, this is where the Windows community steps up.

Task Manager Dark Mode Concept

A Twitter user has posted a look at what the Task Manager could look like if Microsoft adds support for the dark mode in the application. This concept shows the app wrapped in dark background that not only blends in well with the wallpaper, but also complements the text.

Speaking of the text, the concept uses the new Segoe UI Variable display font.

Overall, this is a neat and clean design that will be right at home in the dark theme that Microsoft has included with Windows 11. The company adopting a similar design for the operating system would be just what the OS needs.

And maybe, more vendors would be willing to ship their hardware with the dark mode by default, then.