Windows 11 feature showcase: Startup sound

Windows 11 Feature Showcase Startup Sound

Before we get to the desktop, a word about the startup sound included in Windows 11. The setup process is new, and the OOBE is refreshed, it only makes sense that new sounds made their debut too.

Microsoft has included a new startup sound in Windows 11, and the notification sound has also been changed, which are probably the first things you hear when you complete the deployment of the new operating system on your machine.

And they are cool little additions, both of them are.

If you’d like to hear this new startup sound in Windows 11, then listen to it below:


There is no telling whether this will indeed be the final sound that will be included when Windows 11 ships, but it will not be surprise if it does. It has received a good reception by the community, and is frankly, a welcome little comeback.

Redmond obviously wants to ensure that Windows 11 has its own distinct flavor and style compared to the current Windows 10. And new audio and visual cues are a necessity for this to happen.

Besides, seeing just how customizable the Windows operating platform is, this return is simply a play for nostalgia. Users always had the option of either adding their own sound for startup and shutdown in Windows, or completely disable them altogether if they wanted to.

Speaking of customizability, it’s time to check out what’s in store over at the Windows 11 desktop.