Windows 11 feature showcase: UI

Windows 11 Feature Showcase UI

The UI may well be the very reason for the existence of Windows 11. Microsoft has long been criticized for lagging behind in the user interface department, and the company finally listened.

Sun Valley is the codename of what can be termed as a wholesale effort from the software giant to finally fix the UI inconsistencies on its operating system. The project is much more than simple interface tweaks, of course, but the UI received first billing.

While Microsoft was working on it, we had the Windows 10X debacle, where this shiny new OS was basically wiped off from existence.

Redmond did, however, promise that many of its features and interface elements will come to mainline version of Windows. And true to that promise, Windows 11 draws heavy inspiration from Windows 10X in many an area.

Here are a few screenshots that showcase the Windows 11 UI:

First thing that strikes you right off the bat, is that the design scheme is all about rounded corners.

But unlike something like, say, macOS, where rounded corners fit to a tee, they still look a bit out of place when taking in together with the rest of the UI elements. They are, after all, the same — the Ribbon, the menus, the buttons, the minimize and maximize controls.

That said, there are new flourishes here and there.

Windows 11 UI Action Center

Like the Action Center in Windows 11, where rounded corner, shadows, and flyover effects look rather neat. Clearly, this is the direction that Microsoft wants to take Windows 11, but getting rid of the old baggage will take some effort.

Hopefully, Microsoft updates the whole UI on release, and not over time as they did with Windows 10.