Windows 11 may not need TPM 2.0, after all

TPM Chip

Whaddya know! Many users were disappointed to learn about the Windows 11 system requirements yesterday, whereby they feared that they might not be able to upgrade their existence PC or laptop to the new OS.

Due to their devices not meeting the hardware criteria.

Microsoft told users and media that in order to upgrade to the new operating system, a PC needed to have TPM 2.0 capabilities. This issue is problematic because this technology was introduced relatively recently — many PCs older than 2017 do not have this module.

Matters became further complicated when the PC Health Check app that Microsoft rolled out started misguiding people by not telling the complete truth.

Can’t Run Windows 11

As it turns out, only TPM 1.2 is required, according to the new documentation that has surfaced.

But instead of telling users that an upgrade is not advised, the utility said outright that these PCs can not run the operating system at all.

This was an odd way to go about things, as this peeved the user base, making them think that they would need to buy new hardware to run a new OS. And this is unusual in the world of Window, where each new version of the operating did offer good support for older hardware.

More on this, as it develops.