Windows 11 Microsoft Store is now finally on the web

Windows 11 Apps

Welcome to the world wide web! The Microsoft Store has been available to Windows users for many a year now, but its web availability had been majorly lagging behind both Apple and Google.

With Windows 11, Redmond finally went all in and refreshed its apps repository.

To good effect, mind you.

And now, the company has taken the step to sort out its web presence as well. As in, Microsoft Store finally has a capable and competent web interface that provides you with a quick and easy way to browser, install, and update apps.

This new web-based version of the Microsoft Store can be found here.

And as you would expect, it offers a much better, more streamlined experience than the classic web store that we all know and use. You know, the one that has been up there for a while, nested under the domain.

Now, while Microsoft has not officially announced this design revamp, this new website quietly went live earlier this month. The old one continues to remain accessible for now, in case you’re wondering.

This is how it looks:

Microsoft Store on the Web

The Store is titled “Microsoft Apps”, and serves pretty much the same goal as the native Store app that you can fire up on Windows 11. That is, to help you explore and discover new content, ranging from apps and games to extensions for Chromium Edge.

As for the design itself, this new web store is closer to the overall look and feel of Windows 11. It follows the Fluent Design principles of rounded corners, minimalistic icons, and all that jazz.

No support yet for a dark mode, but that could be added later.

Unlike the classic web store, the new one doesn’t let you view details like the release date or the last update date of an app. You can, however, view app descriptions, screenshot previews, as well as read reviews and ratings.

And, of course, hit the install button to download your chosen app without firing up the Store app.

Good stuff all around.