Windows 11 reveal event teases keep on coming

The day inches closer! With the Windows 11 reveal event just a couple of days away, Microsoft has been posting teasers on Twitter to generate hype about the highly anticipated affair.

Of course, the company was probably as surprised as we all were when a leaked copy of the OS made its way to the web. A fully functioning albeit early version of the upcoming operating system that was enough to provide hints at what the company had been cooking.

But the leak did not go unnoticed by the Redmond based tech giant, who gracefully turned this around saying that this was just the start.

Indeed, it was.

The build that leaked out was a super early version, which some even labeled as a prettified copy of Windows 10 that borrowed elements from Windows 10X.

Nevertheless, Microsoft was none too pleased with the leak. Which is why the company quickly began issuing DMCA complaints to take down the Windows 11 ISO links so that the focus of the community remains firmly on the event.

Leading up to event, though, Redmond has been putting up little teasers to engage fans of Windows with hints about the upcoming OS. It recently did so for the startup sound in the operating system, signaling its return.

And to build up anticipation further, the company posted another eye-catching little tease:

As is always the case, the Windows community started scrutinizing the teaser for any possible easter eggs that might hint at what to expect from the upcoming operating system.

Now, while the possibility of finding something significant are thin, the clip did offer something. The reflection of the desktop in the eye of the individual seems to feature a subtle animation, which could be a hint that Windows 11 may come with an animated desktop background feature.

Whether this happens to be the case, we’ll find out at 11am ET on June 24.