Windows 11 will work best on these processors


Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 yesterday, and soon after posted the minimum system requirements for the new OS. In terms of hardware, the operating system certainly is aiming high.

For example, we just learned via detailed documentation that all new Windows 11 devices will be required to have webcams come 2023. Likewise, the company has also made security safeguards like TPM 2.0 necessary for users to upgrade from older versions of the platform.

In addition to all this, Redmond has also provided processor requirements that set a baseline for the silicon that Windows 11 will run on.

There is an interesting bifurcation of hard floor and soft floor specifications for partners — where the hard floor specs are a mandatory requirement for the OS, while the soft floor specifics are to be treated as something that is accepted but not advised.

Moving onto the processor requirements, Microsoft provides separate lists for Intel, AMD and Qualcomm chips.

And while this is a list that usually grew with every new Windows 10 version in order to accommodate newer generation CPUs, the number of supported chips for the upcoming Windows 11 has shrunk. Not sure if this is the final list of processors, or whether more models will be added closer to launch.

On the Intel side of things, Core branded chips starting from the 8th generation make the cut, alongside several other Xeon and Pentium chips.

In the AMD camp, some Ryzen 2000 series CPUs are supported, and all Ryzen 3000 series chips and newer are too. Epyc processors for servers also play nicely with the ne OS. The obvious exclusion is of the A series of chips.

Qualcomm family is small, and includes the Snapdragon 850 SoC and newer, which were aimed at the Windows on ARM market.

These CPU specifications only apply to new devices, meaning older devices that are not listed here might not be denied upgrade to Windows 11. The only question of interest remains is whether there will be any updates to the processor requirements as the release of the OS nears.

You can take a look at the complete list at the links above.