Windows 3.1 remnants still in Windows 11

Windows 3.1

Old school cool? Windows 11 is said to be a fresh start for the operating platform, as Microsoft seeks to move away from the legacy that began decades ago and continues to this day.

In fact, the company itself has made quite a big deal about it, suggesting that the upcoming OS is the biggest overhaul since Windows 10. Extra focus on the user interface side of things, with Redmond promising a complete redo of the UI elements to make this a modern experience.

And in case you wanted proof just how titanic a task this is, observe.

Someone has posted a screenshot that shows a Windows 3.1 dialog box is still there in Windows 11. And yes, Microsoft may have applied its modern UI treatment with rounded corners and everything, but the legacy of this vintage OS still remains.

See for yourself:

Windows 3.1 Dialog Box

A clear sign that the full overhaul of Windows could take more time until it is full done.

Remnants like these are not entirely surprising — this is a very early build of Windows 11, after all. The new operating system is still a work in progress and, and the leaked version that reached the web is only but a prototype that the company compiled a while back.

Then there is also the little fact that these early Windows 11 builds can be seen as nothing more than Windows 10 on steroids. In essence, they are just the current OS with some visual improvements and a bunch of new features.

There is every chance that first official build that is shipped as part of the Windows Insider program would be a lot more refined.

Will Windows 3.1 elements be history by then, be the question!