ASUS, MSI, and friends also reveal their Windows 11 ready hardware


This thing is gathering storm. Last month, when Microsoft officially announced the Windows 11 operating system, the company also upped the minimum system requirements for the new platform.

Making it mandatory for systems to support TPM and Secure Boot, among other things.

Apart from that, Redmond has also published a list of CPUs that will support Windows 11 at launch, and as you can imagine this is not exactly an extensive list. And even though the company is standing firm, the Windows community is peeved off at the way things are heading.

Hardware manufacturers, on the other hand, are all in.

It was just a few days back we learned that Gigabyte had published a list of its motherboards that will support Windows 11 at launch. And now, other hardware makers have also joined in and published their own lists of hardware that will play nicely with the new OS upon release.

To start off, we have ASUS and its two lists — one for its prebuilt laptops and AIOs, and another for the motherboards that it makes. Additionally, the company has also published a guide on how to enable TPM on ASUS motherboards that might come in handy.

Gigabyte, unfortunately, is yet to let us know which of its laptops and desktop computers will support Windows 11. We only have its motherboards to go by for now.

MSI has given a list of desktops and AIOs that will support the new operating system upon release. And it even published a separate post on Reddit confirming the list of motherboards that officially support the new OS. Unfortunately, no mention of MSI laptops, again.

ASRock has put up two different forum posts, one for Intel and another for AMD motherboards. Biostar has shared a list of motherboards that are TPM ready and will support Windows 11 at launch.

Things are about to get mighty interesting, as we inch towards launch.