ASUS releases motherboard updates for Windows 11

ASUS Motherboard

Getting ready for Windows 11. Microsoft’s new OS will soon be upon us, with even the company hinting at the nearing launch. And naturally, all hardware vendors are preparing for the big day.

Many have already released lists detailing support for the next-generation operating system.

ASUS being one of them.

The company had earlier released a list of compatible chipsets, including both AMD and Intel solutions, that would be receive support for Windows 11 due to the availability of the compatible TPM 2.0 module on such chipsets.

This is the list, which does not obviously include 6th and 7th generation Intel processors.

ASUS Motherboards Windows 11

Anyway, the company has now followed up by rolling compatible firmware versions for all the chipsets listed above. Not all motherboard models have got the necessary update, as plenty of them are still undergoing testing and final validation.

And new ones continue to be added to this expansive list.

ASUS says that the new BIOS will automatically enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) on AMD systems or Platform Trust Technology (PTT) in case of Intel ones. And once they do, the changelog on the update will notify users that they have picked up support for Windows 11.

In order to check if your model has received a new Windows 11 compatible BIOS, head over here, where the company maintains a list of motherboards alongside their corresponding firmware.