Blurry Alt + Tab screen in Windows 11 has been fixed

Windows 11 Alt Tab

Clear vision. Alt + Tab is one of the most essential of features in the Windows OS. And for some otherworldly reason, it was a blurry mess in Windows 11.

Or, at least, the first preview release of the operating system that made its way outside Redmond walls.

A terribly unpleasant experience, which was a surprise considering that the operating system is being designed to be the most modern version of Windows yet. Then again, blur is something Microsoft seems to be struggling with — even the News & Interests feature in Windows 10 is a blurry mess.

Luckily, the Alt + Tab feature in Windows 11 has been fixed.

As is turns out, this was one of the first things that Microsoft addressed as part of the latest build release for the Windows Insider Program. The version that came out last week resolved the blurriness of the Alt + Tab feature, and it finally looks good now.

Windows 11 Alt + Tab Screen

That is to say, looks like it is supposed to.

If you are rocking an earlier version of the upcoming OS, and find that your thumbnails are blurry, then just make sure that you install Windows 11 preview build 22000.65. It is up for grabs right now in the Dev channel of the Windows Insider Program.

With Windows 11 still being a work in progress, bugs and issues like these are pretty much expected.

But the good thing is that Microsoft is quick to address them.