Check out this new holiday themed Windows 11 custom wallpaper

Windows 11 Holidays Wallpaper

‘Tis the season of giving! The holidays are almost upon us, and that can only mean two things. A shopping frenzy that Microsoft is well prepared for, and holiday themed themes.

Or, in this case, a wallpaper.

In preparation for the Holiday season, Redmond has released the latest custom desktop wallpaper for Windows 11 uses. This time around, the company has partnered with Kevin Brisseaux, a Haitian American creative director

He has incorporated elements of architecture, fashion, and music into his illustration style to create this custom wallpaper for the Windows 11 desktop.

Windows 11 Holidays Wallpaper

Regarding his perspective, he said:

“[What inspires] me changes as frequently as the weather, but lately I’ve been inspired by vibrant hues, patterns and designs that play with shapes in both minimal and dense compositions. Thematically, I’ve always been inspired by pop culture and what’s currently playing through my headphones… The composition also creates a surreal landscape, offering a sense of adventure and potential new beginnings on the horizon.”


The abstract artwork of the custom wallpaper integrates the magical, vibrant nature of the holidays with the updated design of Windows 11. The new artwork also displays the rounded geometry of the OS and merges it with the festive theme.

With this new release, users of the new operating system have another option to customize their devices.

This custom wallpaper is available above, and you can also download it in a 17MB full high-resolution image in all its 7500 x 5000 pixels glory below.

Download: Windows 11 Holiday wallpaper