Dark mode will be enabled by default in Windows 11

Windows 11 Dark Mode

Out of the blue! Or, should you say, out of the black! Microsoft is going all in with the Dark Mode in Windows 11, confirming that this is the theme that will be on by default in the new OS.

All commercial Windows 11 SKUs will have it on out the box.

It is a complete theme, with a dark style and matching wallpaper. Microsoft has even rolled out the dark mode to several of its apps, including Edge and Office programs. File Explorer has also been redone, complete with new icons.

This is how it looks in the most recent preview build of the operating system:

Windows 11 Dark Mode Default

Of course, people will be able to switch to light mode easily by going to the Settings app. But Microsoft is of the view that the dark mode is just easier on the eyes and eases eye strain for folks that use their computers for an extended period of time.

This, the software titan confirmed during an Inspire session about Windows 11.

Melissa Grant, Director of Product Marketing in Microsoft 365, talked about this important change that is simply better suited to the hybrid work era that people are now getting accustomed to:

“Since we’re spending so much more time staring at bright screens, not just for endless email but also countless meetings plus keeping up with our personal lives, to give your eyes a rest we’re going to ship all of the Windows 11 commercial SKUs in that IT favorite, beautiful dark mode by default. Of course, light mode is available if that’s your preference.”

That said, while both the dark and light modes look good in Windows 11, many believe is still not consistent across the operating system. At least, not as consistent as it could be in an age where macOS is a reality with its very own sublime implementation of a dark theme.

Anyway, with Microsoft now of the belief that the dark mode is best for enterprise users, there is every chance that the company will work towards optimizing and fine tuning this look of its new operating system.