Don’t install Windows 11 22H2 on old PCs, says Microsoft

Windows 11 On Old PC

The strangest of things happened. Someone in the Redmond campus forgot to turn on a switch or something before rolling out what is the RTM build of Windows 11 22H2 in the Release Preview channel.

This honest oversight resulted in this upcoming version being made available to older, unsupported PCs.

For some users this was a joyous sight, for others a horrifying one.

After all, Microsoft has been on record saying that folks running older computers are not recommended to install its latest operating system. And if they are feeling adventurous, then they must do so at their own risk.

I mean, there’s a frigging loophole in place still for this very reason.

And while some took this rollout on devices with older, unsupported processors as a sign that the software titan was willing to remove the strict hardware requirements in place for Windows 11, the company clarified that it accidently released the OS for ineligible devices.

Even though the update was quickly pulled, it continued to show up for those with ineligible CPUs and users could download and install it without any issue.

Of course, this is not the first time Microsoft has advised against installing Windows 11 on old devices.

If you are being offered Windows 11 22H2 and you know that your device is rocking an unsupported processor or does not meet the rest of the system requirements in place, then the company says that it is a good idea to avoid the update for now.

Or, better yet, upgrade your system to one that is eligible for Windows 11.

Just be in the know that the notification to upgrade may pop up on your system even with Microsoft pulling the plug on this specific rollout on unsupported hardware.

That’s just how things are these days!