Expired certificate behind widespread Windows 11 bugs


Oops! It took a while, but Microsoft has finally confirmed a bug in Windows 11 that causes some apps to no longer work. One such app is the new Snipping Tool, which many users find impossible to launch.

In other words, this is quite a widespread problem.

Users relying on the Snipping Tool discovered this issue a few weeks ago, when they noticed that the app was not launching all of a sudden. The bug was brought to the attention of the software titan via the officially community support forums.

And now, Microsoft has not only acknowledged this, but explained that the whole thing is caused by an expired certificate.

Worryingly, the Snipping Tool is not the only program affected by this problem:

“Starting on November 1, 2021, some users might be unable to open or use certain built-in Windows apps or parts of some built-in apps. This is caused by an issue with a Microsoft digital certificate, which expired October 31, 2021.”

Redmond does have a way to mitigate the problem — an old fashioned one.

The company suggests using the Print Screen key on your keyboard and pasting the screenshot into your document. Or, if you want to go a more elaborate route, then you can also paste it into Paint, then select and copy the section you want.

In the meantime, Microsoft has confirmed that it is working on a full fix for this, and other problems.

What other problems, you ask?

Well, in addition to the Snipping Tool, other components of the new operating system are also impacted. These include the Getting Started experience, Tips, the Input Method Editor user interface, the Accounts page, and the landing page in the Settings page on Windows 11 in S mode.

The Touch Keyboard, Voice Typing, and the Emoji Panel are also affected.

Redmond does mention that user who are running Windows 11 and struggling with many of these problems should simply install KB5006746 that was released on October 21 specifically with these glitches in mind.