Firefox 91 can sign you in to Microsoft accounts on the web


Firefox 91 is here. And how! The newest version of the world’s most popular independent web browser brings support for Windows single sign-on (SSO) that lets you sign into Microsoft accounts online.

As in, work and school accounts and more.

As Mozilla notes, this latest release is focused on speed, and brings along a bunch of new features in this regard. The company explains that users can expect 10-20% improvements in response time for most interactions, as the browser now preforms catch-up paints for almost all user interactions.

Firefox will definitely feel quicker now.

Version 91 also has over 1,200 bug fixes, making it a substantial release.

The big new addition is support for Windows SSO, which enables Firefox 91 to use any account connected to Windows 10 to automatically sign you into any Microsoft websites, or school and work portals.

Should save you a bit of time if you frequent these websites.

We also have a privacy enhancing feature in the form of an HTTPS first policy for Private Browsing windows. This, obviously, will not work on all sites, but more many more will be switched to this secure protocol in order to help protect your connection from people snooping on your local network.

Other features include the reintroduction of the simplify page option when printing and the addition of the Scots locale, while the address bar now provides Switch to Tab results in Private Browsing windows.

If you are already running Firefox, the update should download in the background and applied the next time you restart it.

If note, you can download the browser here.