Firefox coming soon to the Microsoft Store


The debut of Windows 11 brought with it a completely refreshed Microsoft Store. And one of the biggest changes over at the app repository is the lifting of restrictions for other developers.

Redmond has made the process much simpler and more straightforward for other companies and developers to bring their wares to the official Windows store. The power now lies in the hands of the app makers who want to publish their creations for the world to check out.

This is one of the many reasons why everyone is flocking to the Microsoft Store to list their apps and games there.

Apps, games, and even other storefronts.

At the same time, the Redmond based technology firm also revised its policy regarding web browsers, allowing them to be released in the Microsoft Store using their own engines.

And Mozilla being one such organization that has always insisted on this approach, has applauded this change of heart. The Firefox maker also confirmed that the alternative browser will also become available in the Microsoft Store by the end of the year.

The words from the company:

“Microsoft has loosened restrictions on its Windows Store that effectively banned third-party browsers from the store. We have been advocating for years for more user choice and control on the Windows operating system.

We welcome the news that their store is now more open to companies and applications, including independent browsers like Firefox. We believe that a healthier internet is one where people have an opportunity to choose from a diverse range of browsers and browser engines. Firefox will be available in the Windows store later this year.”

Makes me happy just typing this up!

Needless to say, Firefox will soon join Opera in the Microsoft Store, as well as a few other smaller browser makers like Vivaldi and friends. And while Google has not said anything about bringing Chrome over, don’t be surprised if it shows up there too someday.

This is a new Microsoft we are dealing with.