Folder bug hits Windows 11


Stranger things! A familiar yet peculiar bug has made its way to Windows 11, where countless empty folders are created within the system directory.

This is an issue that Windows 10 users are already acquainted with, as this problem has affected that operating system for a while now. According to intelligence provided, this bug was seen on the older OS of the two in June 2021.

It is now that it has made its way to the new operating system that just launched.

As spotted, the bug causes Windows to flood a computer with empty folders that begin with “tw” and have “.tmp” at the end. These folders are completely empty, so while they are not exactly a hinderance in term of performance or resources, they should, technically, still not be there.

Some people have seen thousands upon thousands of these empty folders pop up on their PC.

And it is believed that an app called ProvTool.exe is the culprit. This is a provisioning package runtime processing tool that is responsible for the folder related bug. It is possible to disable this tool, but as you may have guessed, this is not a recommend action.

Good thing then, that these folders are not causing any damage.

If you suffer from this problem, you can delete the empty folders without any worries. But chances are, that new ones will be created the next time you create a network connection.

Anyway, of the various issues reported with Windows 11, this one is on the minor end of the spectrum.

What’s strange is that a bug that has persisted over the last several months, across two operating systems is yet to be taken care of.

Hopefully, that’s next!