Folks developing Windows 11 talk about their favorite feature

Video Windows Developer

Straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth! Microsoft has put up another video that has Windows 11 developers talking about their favorite new feature in the operating system.

Sure, the video appears to be hewn from the same rock as the first video that the company put up on the official Windows Insider channel on YouTube that took viewers behind the scenes of the development of the upcoming OS.

But this is more inside marketing than previous versions of Windows got during development, and it is hard to say not to that.

This video was released alongside another video that showcased the widgets in Windows 11, and the kind of care Redmond is taking in designing them.

The clip:

As you might imagine, the makers are running the gamut here — pretty much all the notable features in Windows 11 get their time in the spotlight.

You have folks talking about the rounded corners, the return of widgets, the new Settings app, personalization options, flyouts, even the refreshed Microsoft Store that will be part of the new operating platform.

Start Menu, the marquee feature of Windows 11, is also a favorite among the employees here.

Perhaps this video could have been a little longer, interspersed with the features themselves a little for a better visual experience. But it is a neatly produced clip, and this is something we don’t get very often these days from Microsoft.

Give it a watch above.