How the Share dialog in Windows 11 is getting amped up

Windows 11 Share Dialog Redesign

Ever since the official unveil of Windows 11, Microsoft has waxed lyrical about many of its new features. Most recently, the company highlighted the long overdue context menu refresh.

And in the same post, Redmond also had some good things to say about the new Share dialog in the OS.

Like the refreshed context menu, this segment of the new operating system is also a massive improvement from what is currently available in Windows 10. It is clean as a whistle, uses the same design aesthetics as the abovementioned menu, and gives equal billing to looks and functionality.

Share Dialog

First and foremost, the Share dialog in Windows 11 makes Nearby Sharing easier to use, with control over your discoverability setting at the top and a link to more settings in the footer.

For those of you who use the Mail app, and often need to email themselves, the first entry in the contact lists will display your contact card.

Lastly, the Windows 11 Share dialog will allow application to appear as targets, including unpackaged Win32 programs. PWAs downloaded via Microsoft Edge are also supported if they implement the Web Share Target API.

Microsoft has shared more details in the full blog post on its Windows Developer Blog, which is a recommended read for insights into these two excellent new additions to the OS.