iFixit CEO shames Microsoft over device repairability

Surface Laptop Repair

Saying it straight. iFixit CEO has called out big tech companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Samsung over device repairability, saying that third-party repair experts are having a hard time fixing popular devices.

Kyle Wiens, who is also the cofounder of the firm, explained that it is getting increasingly difficult for third-party repairers to obtain the required tools and parts to fix the latest gadgets like smartphones and laptops.

In particular, those that carry logos of premium hardware makers like Microsoft and Apple.

Speaking at the virtual right to repair public hearing of the Productivity Commission, Wiens highlighted how a German battery manufacturer name Varta sells batteries to a wide variety of companies, including Samsung.

But when they went to Varta to buy these batteries as repair parts, the company denied saying that its contract with Samsung does not allow it to sell.

He specifically called out Microsoft, revealing how the Surface Laptop came with the battery glued in, requiring them to cut their way into the product. In the process of trying to get inside, the machine was destroyed.

This is, in fact, iFixit gave the Surface Laptop an unprecedented score of 0, infamously below the company’s normal range of 1 to 10.

People have been calling for laws regarding the right to repair for devices to change, and we seem to be slowly heading in that direction with developments like these.