Intel graphics drivers bring Windows 11 support

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Intel has quietly released its latest graphics drivers yesterday. DCH graphics driver version is significant because the update adds support for the shiny new Windows 11.

The OS may still be in early testing phase, but hardware and driver support is finally starting to arrive.

Since these drives are compatible with Windows 11, they are WDDM 3.0 compliant, while also bringing support for HSL Shader Model 6.6. Also packed are DirectML enhancements and optimizations that should accelerate machine learning capabilities of these chips.

And, of course, there is compatibility with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) here.

The drivers also add support for Auto HDR on Iris Plus graphics on 10th generation Intel processors, which made its debut in a Windows 10 build not too long ago.

Alongside all this, the driver optimizes performance in games, most notably in F1 2021, the newly released racing sim from EA. The update also fixes problems with stuttering and reduces load times on the Moonlight Blade MMORPG and the popular shooter Call of Duty: Warzone.

The chip giant also provides a list of bug fixes that are part of this new release, and there is quite a bit to follow there.

Several problems also remain unresolved.

This new driver is compatible with all Intel integrated as well as dedicated graphics, starting from the 6th generation Core processors onwards. The 500 series Pentium and Celeron processors are also supported in this new release.

Of course, when it comes to OS support, all versions of Windows starting from version 1809 are in.

You can download the new driver on the official Intel support page below, where it is available in two forms, .exe and .zip.

Download: Intel Graphics Driver version