Majority of UK workers are still using old devices

Laptop User

Time to take stock! A new study conducted by YouGov for Microsoft has revealed that 66% of the workers in the United Kingdom are still using the same device as before the start of the pandemic.

This, the company claims could lead to productivity problems.

Microsoft detailed the research on its official website here, saying that its research indicated that no less than 35% of the workers who received a new device since last year actually reported a noticeable increase in productivity.

However, companies have not been upgrading their devices as frequently as before. And with a substantial portion of people working from home, this has the potential to lead to serious productivity problems.

As Redmond explains:

“Employees feel they are not being listened to. Half (51%) of them believe devices are provided based on job role alone – with individual requirements not considered as standard. Only 31% feel their individual needs and accessibility requirements are taken into consideration, a number that drops to just 17% for frontline workers.”

Moral of the story is that employees totally want new devices.

No less than 29% of the workers who used a company issued device claim that they would feel more positive about the work and their employers if they receive a new machine. Additionally, 16% said that they would be more motivated.

The good news here is that more than 55% of the companies plan to invest in new device in 2022, with around 35% saying that they are planning to purchase new laptops, while 20% want to invest in smartphones.

Good news for the hardware industry, I guess.