Microsoft Bing picks up new shopping features


‘Tis the season of shopping, after all! Redmond has rolled out another improvement for Bing, with the search engine getting some new features that make it better for shopping.

In a sign of commitment to the search service, Microsoft has announced a series of new features just in the nick of time. The holiday season is almost upon us, with more and more people getting ready for Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Bing users will now be able to find new deals much easier, and the search engine now also shows new tags like price drops and sales on certain products.

Additionally, the company says that it will also try to rate the deals with a dedicated ranking system, enabling users to tell just how big the discount really is.

Bing Shopping

Microsoft explains this as:

“Deal-conscious shoppers will now see “sales” and “price drops” marked on applicable items, alongside deal rankings that are “good”, “great”, or “epic”. Additionally, shoppers can choose to compare prices across stores or find a product’s price history over time, in just one click! The insights are shown on all items for which we have relevant data.”

And with Microsoft getting closer to Amazon lately, at least on the Android apps front, the company has also made shopping on the world’s largest retailer a more straightforward experience.

Bing is now able to check the availability of curbside pickup, as well as lets users try out the new Buy Now feature for Amazon products that directly adds items into Amazon shopping cart without any extra steps.

And finally, it is now easier for online buyers to find the most popular products that others are shopping for, especially if many other people are buying it as well.

This new option works globally, and should help buyers choose a certain product with confidence.

Which, ultimately, all these new shopping features are all about.