Microsoft Edge now remembers your PDF location


Unlike rival browsers like Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft Edge prides itself on some really advanced PDF management capabilities that are built into the program natively.

And these capabilities just got better.

Redmond is rolling out an update for the web browser that lets users resume reading from the last viewed location in PDF documents. As spotted, the feature is now being made available to select Insiders running both the Dev and Canary builds of Edge.

Currently, the PDF reader in Microsoft Edge does not provide an option like this to reopen files from where users last closed their document. Meaning, they have to specifically navigate to the specific location manually.

And this is why the software titan has introduced this new setting in Edge that allows it to pick up where they left off instantly, no matter the PDF document open.

If your Microsoft Edge installation is included in the controlled rollout, you can enable this feature by following the steps below:

  • Open Settings.
  • Navigate to Cookies and site permissions.
  • Click on PDF documents.
  • Then, toggle the new option to enable continuity feature for PDF files.

Once you do this, the document will open on the page where you left off.

As mentioned, the Edge development team is doing some A/B testing in the two channels. While select Canary and Dev users have access to this welcome new feature now, it should not be too long before it starts rolling out for everyone.