Microsoft Edge picks up price tracking

Online Shopping

Come get your discounts, folks! The Microsoft Edge development team has been busy adding new features to the web browser. And this latest addition is about as timely as it gets for the holidays.

Bing, of course, also got in on the action recently with some shopping focused features.

And now, the web browser will also soon help users keep track of price changes on products that they have recently viewed while surfing the web. These will be rolling out to the stable version of Edge in the coming weeks to help you prepare for the holiday season.

Microsoft detailed this addition, confirming that Edge will automatically tell you if some items that you have been looking at recently have seen a change in price. This will let you grab them at a discounted price as soon as that happens.

You will no longer need to manually and frequently check the websites in order to keep track of sales.

Edge Price Tracking

As Liat Ben-Zur, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft explains:

“This feature is coming soon and will be built into the browser, so you just need to browse as you normally would, and Microsoft Edge will let you know if any of the items you’ve recently looked at have changed in price. This eliminates having to check back on each product yourself, especially during the holidays when your online shopping list is probably very long.”

Shopping use cases seem to be a big focus for the Edge team lately, and for all the right reasons too, as it is one way for the fledgling web browser to stand out from the crowd.

Edge already offers several built-in tools for comparing prices, price history, reviews, and auto-filling coupons. Add in this new addition, and Microsoft is in a good place to position its web browser as the ultimate shopping assistant this holiday season.

Next up, Bing will now also let you know about ethically sourced products through a partnership with Good On You in the UK. The company has also collaborated with the Eden Reforestation Project to plant a tree for every 10 online purchases UK consumers make at eligible retailers.

Details of this and more, you can glean at the link above.

As for when you will get in on these new features, since Edge is now a on 4-week release cycle, a new major update should land in the stable channel next week.

The price tracking feature announced today should, in all probability, be there.